Justin Balmain


Untitled (a story is an episode to hang a wish on), 2017
HD video with audio

The result of a residency in a remote town in regional New South Wales, Australia, this video sought to encompass states of boredom and isolation that myself and actor experienced. The landscape becomes a hostile backdrop where the only meaningful interactions occur through the computer screen and iPhone; our existence seemingly suspended through extreme heat, boredom and apathy. Witnessing the vast population of stray cats as they lazed and meandered throughout the town, a relationship became apparent that mirrored our own; foreign bodies in a foreign environment; unwelcome and out of place, but unlike the cats, one where we couldn’t exist without the familiar. Throughout the process of the residency, a narrative forms intuitively and reluctantly. Devoid of language, the video is an experimentation of interiority and endurance; holding narrative where no passage seems possible.

Commissioned and supported by Kandos Projects, NSW, Australia. Exhibited: Cementa17 Contemporary Arts Festival, Kandos; Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, Australia