The In-Time, 2017

Wassaic, New York’s only bar was formerly known as the Green Lantern. Before it was a super hero character, the green lantern was a beacon of security – in the form of a light held by watchmen, later becoming incorporated into the entry ways of New York police stations. The speculative green chromatic floods through the works of The In- Time series, reactivating a forgotten history that is particular to Wassaic but also to any town. On-time, in-time, in-line; words and meanings shift and become layered. Time is non-linear, passing us on to circling back. The green light that glows in different points throughout the town through these installed works marks a time that is out of sync. These sculptures of text and light command a different kind of looking, they are signs that can’t quite be deciphered, the letters obfuscated by the green chrome of LEDs. But moving closer, the fragmented text reveals itself through the shifts and proximities of the body. Their legibility requires participation and activation.

Commissioned by the Wassaic Project, New York. Exhibited: Vagabond Time Killers, Summer Exhibition and Festival 2017, Wassaic, New York